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Bus Way

The Fastway service benefits from dedicated bus lanes and several sections of bus guideway. This provides an effective means for buses to bypass traffic queues without causing delay to other traffic.

A guideway (pictured top right) comprises a purpose built track formed by two concrete strips with raised kerbs on either side. A guidewheel (pictured right) mounted on the steering mechanism on the bus runs along the face of the kerb, guiding the bus on its journey.

A bus travelling along a guideway can be seen below right.

You can download an Infrastructure Map showing the sections of guideway on the Fastway network.

Real Time Passenger Information

Fastway buses are equipped with a modern real-time passenger information (RTPI) system. Using satellite-based Global Positioning System (GPS) and Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) technology, the Fastway control centre tracks the location of each vehicle in services and monitors its movements, using the information to react promptly to any disruptions and so maintain schedules.

Displays at major bus stops tell waiting passengers the current location and arrival time of their next bus, while onboard passengers can see when they will reach their next stop.

You can visit the Real Time page to view times for your stop for Fastway routes 10, 20 & 100 and many other Metrobus services.

Traffic Light Priority

The RTPI system links with and complements the Urban Traffic Control (UTC) system, which monitors and controls traffic signals throughout Crawley. It is designed to reduce congestion and journey times for both motorists and public transport users by improving traffic flows through key junctions. The system is therefore equipped to detect the approach of Fastway buses and give priority where needed, without undue delay to other road users.